The Pros Have Spoken: These Are the Best Holiday Beauty Gifts of 2022

Posted by kristen bromiley on

Wanna know the only thing more cringeworthy than your Uncle Joe telling the same dirty joke over latkes during the holiday season? Watching someone feign delight after unwrapping a gift they hate . . . especially if it's from you. (Pro tip: the person in your family who geeks out over skin care and makeup probably doesn't want an air fryer.)

To help keep the awkward level down to a manageable two — and because it's hard to offend anyone on the other end of a fancy Diptyque candle or Tatcha skin-care set — we've asked POPSUGAR editors to share the foolproof beauty gifts they'll be giving (and also most likely keeping) this year. No, really: some products are so good, they were recommended twice. Regardless of your budget or giftee, we've got you covered. Keep scrolling for some of the best skin-care, fragrance, hair, and body-care gifts.



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