7 Ways To Future-Proof Your Skin (And Reverse Past Damage)

7 Ways To Future-Proof Your Skin (And Reverse Past Damage)

7 Ways To Future-Proof Your Skin (And Reverse Past Damage)


In partnership with our friends at Beyond Miracles, welcome to a bonus, uninterrupted episode with Celebrity Medical Esthetician, Crystal Koro. Owner of LA-based, Crystal Clear Skin & Beauty, Crystal has been dubbed “master aesthetician to the stars” by Popsugar, with a celebrity clientele that includes Eva Longoria, Olivia Culpo, Kylie Jenner – and even Drake!


In today’s episode, we find out the most important skin habits to follow to help prevent premature aging in 20-something skin. Plus, we find out how to reverse past damage, whether you’re dealing with post-acne scarring, sun spots or deep-set wrinkles. 


Finally, we discover everything there is to know about the latest K-Beauty skincare sensation making waves in North America, a professional, clinically-proven treatment that’s been likened to “liquid microneedling,” Cellstory by Beyond Miracles


Carlene trying Cellstory by Beyond Miracles


You’ll hear all about:

  • “Liquid microneedling” – Carlene and Jill try Cellstory by Beyond Miracles, the born-in-Korea pro treatment that boasts microspear technology, microscopic liquid microneedles derived from freshwater-grown sponges to deliver ingredient penetration without numbing, blood or down time
  • Preventative retinol – When is the ideal age to start using the gold standard skincare ingredient for smoother skin in your golden years
  • Chemical vs physical exfoliation 101 – How, and how often, to exfoliate for your skin type and why exfoliation is the key to skin goals success
  • Pillowcase cycling? Why the facialist swears by this technique, and the sleeping musts to invest in for clearer skin
  • Gadget queen – The mind-blowing face and body devices that Crystal uses both in-office and at home 

Beyond Miracles Miracletox, the at-home kit for “liquid microneedling” results


This Episode Is Brought To You In Partnership With Beyond Miracles

Beyond Miracles

Get skin beyond belief. Visit beyond-miracles.com and use code BEAUTY to receive 20% off your first order. Unlike most treatments, CELLSTORY and MiracleTox can be used on active acne and has minimal downtime. CELLSTORY and MiracleTox’s Microspear technology is 20x finer than a micro-needling stamp, and suitable for all skin types.

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